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Why Do You Need Attestation Services in UAE?

Post By : Category : PAN Card May 14, 2019

Among a list of things that one needs to consider, when going abroad, is the need for attestation of certificates. For instance, the certificates or documents of an Indian citizen, who is visiting Dubai, will need attestation from any of the authorised government offices in India and must be validated by attaching the signature of the verifying personnel. Similarly, a person in UAE will also be required to provide documents attested by the home government when he or she is visiting India or any other country. There are many agencies which offer certificate Attestation Services in Dubai through the online mode.

The process of certificate attestation refers to the authentication or legalisation of valuable educational, non-educational and commercial documents which would be required in another country for purposes like business, employment, higher education or immigration. It is a crucial task which needs to be undertaken because without proper documentation, a person may face difficulty or may even be refused to stay in the foreign country.

By getting their documents attested, individuals can benefit in many ways. Some important reasons why attestation services in UAE is important, are listed here:

Seek opportunities for employment or education

By availing Attestation Services in Dubai or Abu Dhabi or Sharjah, for educational documents, individuals can get a lot of things done with utmost convenience. This includes securing employment visa/ labour card in the UAE for most of the designations or pursuing higher education in the UAE. Moreover, attestation of educational documents is mandatory for doctors, nurses, pharmacists and laboratory technicians who write MOH (Ministry of Health) and DOH (Department of Health) examinations or get equivalent certificates.

Ensure support for immediate dependents

The attestation of certain non-educational documents becomes beneficial for the family members of an individual. It is essential in case of obtaining residence visa for wife, children & in-laws as well as for seeking admission of child in the school (via transfer certificate). The attestation of an individual’s marriage certificate by the home government also needs to be done before moving to a foreign country. This way the individual’s marriage and other relations will be recognised in the foreign country.

Buy or sell property

Furthermore, attestation of non-educational documents is also required for obtaining power of attorney to get the right to sell properties in India and for the removal of LLC partnership when the partner in India does not want to extend the partnership.

Get easy access to facilities

Once individuals avail professional Attestation Services in Dubai to get their documents attested and have obtained their Visa from the consulate, they will find a lot of things easier as a foreigner. By having all the necessary paperwork in place, the person secures his or her position as a foreigner and will be under the complete protection and support of the embassy of his or her country in the foreign country. Individuals will have easy access to residence, education and other important amenities.

Obtain visa without hassles

Individuals who are applying for any category of visa such as employment visa, business visa, etc. must avail certificate attestation services. For instance, someone who is visiting UAE for new employment is required to obtain work visa and therefore will have to get attestation of his or her educational and personal documents from UAE embassy in India. The visa will not be processed for an individual who fails to provide attested documents.

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