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VAT returns Filing UAE

Timely, precise & cost-effective, Alankit Management consultancy assists both start-ups as well as established of all sizes in a well-planned manner not only to organize their VAT transactions by complying with VAT laws but also counsel them on transactions. Equipped with detailed expertise to formulate solutions and recommendations that are designed to provide advice on taxation for clients, ‘Alankit Management Consultancy’ is a Sole Establishment legal type, duly registered and licensed consultancy in UAE. Alankit comes up with a team of professionals that are exceptionally experienced in diversified industries with a strong and widespread network providing VAT Advisory Services in Dubai and Sharjah. Alankit not only ensures VAT Consultancy Services through meetings and discussions but also by making personal visit to the client place. Any queries or clarifications rose through telephone / email are answered in a systematic manner keeping in mind customer centricity. The prime objective is to cater clients with best Alankit’s services by designing solutions that comply with rules and regulation provided by Federal Tax Authority.

What is VAT returns

Under the UAE VAT, an official tax document known as VAT returns needs to get submitted to the Federal Tax Authority before the due date. FTA strongly suggests filing VAT returns and VAT payments not later than 28th day of the month following the Tax period. It is to be done by a Taxable Person or the one who has been authorized by the Taxable Person (a Tax Agent or a Legal Representative) at regular intermissions depending upon the tax period. VAT returns should display the details of any output tax due and input tax recoverable in conjunction with additional information as required in the VAT return.

Steps to File VAT returns in UAE

  1. Client can raise their query (ies) either over a call/e-mail/social media/chat or by making a direct visit at any Alankit’s center in UAE.
  2. An assigned member from the dedicated team of Alankit’s professionals then understands the requirement(s) taking into account a detailed conversation either over a call or even by visiting the Client’s office.
    A few requirements from the bunch and the way Alankit deals with them are listed below:


    • VAT Registration- Team of professional chartered accountants at Alankit aids businesses in UAE to identify right time to start registration process. This helps them to avoid a penalty of AED 20,000/- for not registering on time with Federal Tax Authority.
    • Periodic Review of Books of Account- Alankit in UAE assists SME’s in periodic review of books of account and performs real time correction of mistakes before filing VAT returns.
    • Periodic VAT Filing- Alankit’s Professional VAT consultants are dedicated to make a complete review of VAT transactions for the period and support for VAT returns filing.
    • Voluntary Discloser- Alankit’s review system is sufficient to reduce the risk of filing voluntary discloser.
    • Support in FTA Online Review- Alankit’s professional and expert VAT consultants provide end to end support for FTA online review so that client can submit response on time.
    • VAT Refund Request- Alankit supports its clients for seamless submission of required documents to authority on due date and shrinks rejection chances of VAT refund.
    • Reconsideration Application- If any business entity is not satisfied with decision of Federal Tax Authority, Alankit supports that business entity to submit reconsideration application to Federal Tax Authority.
    • De-registration- Alankit’s professional team flawlessly identifies date from which 20 days will start and supports business entities for successful completion of De-registration process.
  3. A unique, tailored and detailed solution is then provided on the basis that it not only meets their expectations but also is in synchronization with rules and regulations of Federal Tax Authority (FTA).
  4. Alankit keeps a thorough check and maintains a continuation to deliver its services on time.
  5. Alankit’s support system continues even after the service(s) gets delivered.

Alankit’s key strength is its business generation not only through the leads that come into its bucket but also with the references it generates by delivering exceptional services to its clients as Customer Centricity is the rationale.

What you should keep in mind when completing the VAT returns?

While completing VAT returns, amount must be in the UAE currency (AED) and must be rounded off to the nearest fills. Mandatory fields shouldn’t be left incomplete and “0” is supposed to be used if amount is to be declared. Every registrant is required to provide genuine details while VAT returns Filing. A sample list of the details to be summarized under Taxable Supplies is listed below:

  1. Commercial Property Sold
  2. Supply of Goods And Services (Net Of Discount)
  3. Non-Refundable Deposits Received other than those which are Refundable (E.G- Security Deposit)
  4. Sale of Goods under Profit Margin Scheme
  5. Supply of Goods within Designated Zone that are Consumed within Designated Zone
  6. Credit Notes Issued (To be deducted from Total Supplies)
  7. Errors Noted for the Previous Tax Periods can be Deducted Given the Error Does Not Result in the Output Tax Being Decreased / Increased by an Amount More Than AED 10,000/-

When should you Account for VAT returns Filing as Per FTA?

A taxable person should do the VAT returns Filing by not later than 28th of every month complying by the Tax period regulations or a specific date requested by the Federal Tax Authority. For instance, if the first VAT returns period of a taxpayer is January 2018 to March 2018, his VAT returns Filing due date should be April 28, 2018. In case of any due payment, it should also be paid by the same deadline. If the due date falls on a weekend or a gazette/national holiday, the deadline gets extended to the first business day afterwards. Post VAT returns Filing; penalty of AED 1,000 is levied for the first time delay occurred. The penalty gets higher for non-complying of VAT returns Filing subsequently.

To every taxable individual, a standard Tax period of three calendar months is provided. However, FTA has allocated different Tax periods for a particular group of Taxable individuals.


Alankit is a dedicated solution provider that manages all the e-Governance, Accounting, Auditing, UAE VAT, Indian Income Tax, NPS and Financial Services requirements. Alankit’s superlative network with swelling global presence, flawless customer service as customer centricity is prime and up to the minute technology aids in acknowledging, understanding and developing pertinent solutions to the ever-growing demands of its clients. Thus, it makes it unchallenging for the clients to meet their compliance and investment goals in a hassle-free manner. Alankit’s assistance to its clients to make them manage their VAT transactions efficiently by complying with the VAT laws and advising on transactions is exemplary where the TAX experts not only ensure compliance with the latest rules and regulations but also provide unique and customized solutions on the basis of clients’ requirements. This makes Alankit an enduring industry expert.

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