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Start your dynamic business journey in the UAE and find the perfect solutions for your business set up needs with efficient PRO Services. The UAE is one of the most investor-friendly locations to establish a business, but proper documentation and approvals are always necessary! A simple solution to this complex problem is to hire Alankit Management Consultancy as your PRO company in the UAE.
We cater specially to business visionaries, start-ups, private companies, and multinational organisations with integrity, efficiency, and effectiveness levels. Once you are looking to set up your business in the UAE, access to efficient PRO services is essential for doing business and building & maintaining critical links between the venture and government agencies.
Alankit provides stress-free PRO assistance and document clearance services, with a proper understanding of the rules, changes in currency rates, Arabic-translated documents, and other constraints that can be difficult for a foreign investor.

What We Offer

With over a decade of experience, we help with our PRO services and cater to set up processes and manpower requirements, making us your reliable and consistent professional PRO partner.

  • Employment Visas
  • Family Residence Visas & Renewals
  • Visa Amendments
  • Visa Cancellation
  • Renewal/Modifications of Trade License
  • Assistance in Opening Corporate Bank Account
  • Business Setup Services (Mainland & Free zone)
  • Company immigration card renewal
  • Company Establishment card update
  • Cancellation of employment visas
  • New emirates ID processing
  • Renewal of emirates ID
  • Labour and Immigration support services
  • Interactions with Government Bodies

Why Outsource PRO Services from Alankit?

PRO services make your business operations more accessible and convenient by keeping you updated on new and revised regulatory requirements and ensuring timely compliance. Prompt action and compliance can save you from a slew of legal hassles and even penalties.
These service providers handle essential governmental formalities and procedures for entrepreneurs and established businesses, such as documentation, paperwork, and approvals.
At Alankit Management Consultancy, we offer our clients invaluable support by taking care of brand and product regulatory and compliance needs, giving them the freedom to focus on their core business. In addition, we streamline their interactions with the Government with in-depth knowledge of the local workforce, laws, visas, and license regulations.

Benefits of PRO services for Company

1. Transparency
PRO services’ procedures are primarily concise. We maintain transparency by providing all receipts and copies of government charges and alternative expenses with supporting bills.

2. Trouble Free
PRO services will ensure that you have a smooth operation in terms of document approval and other purposes. We are known to handle everything together, from picking up the documents to returning them after the PRO has cleared them.

3. Save Money & Time
Using a PRO service in Dubai can save you a lot of time because there are many complications that an organisation or business can face when acquiring approvals and paperwork on their own. Instead of queuing up before government departments, with the help of outsourcing PRO services, organisations get more time to ease their business operations.

4. Tension free about fines and delays
Organisations planning to establish operations in the UAE may be unfamiliar with the host country’s laws and business policies. This lack of functionality has an impact on the corporate output and exposes it to delays and fines.

So, in order to have a better understanding, response, and coordination with government agencies, it is sufficient to hire professional PROs who structure the progress in the correct order and respond quickly to each notification.

We provide invaluable support to our clients by taking care of regulatory and compliance requirements for both brand and the product and freeing you to focus on your core business. With in-depth knowledge of the local workforce, laws, visa, and licensing regulations, we streamline your interactions with the Government.

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