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Now Opening A Demat Account In UAE Made Easy With Alankit

Post By : Category : Demat November 18, 2021

Do you know what a Demat Account is?
Introduced in the year 1996 as an alternative to physical share certificates, a Demat Account is the one that electronically holds securities and shares; it not only makes the trading of shares quick and simple but also reduces the risk and problems associated with physical share certificates.

A Demat Account can also be termed as Dematerialised account, which means converting the physical shares in to electronic format. Dematerialising of shares not only eliminates unnecessary paperwork, but also helps in soothing the process of share trading. A Demat Account can be used to store a wide variety of investments such as equity shares, ETFs bonds, debt securities, mutual funds and Government securities. In UAE, having a Demat Account is mandatory if you are thinking to invest in the India Stock Market.

What steps needed to be taken to open a Demat Account online?

  • Connect with the Depository Participant (DP) & fill the opening form online:
  • Submit the required documents with photograph :
  • Get rules & regulations and charges details
  • Clear the verification process
  • After the application is processed, DP sanctions the account number & client id
  • Access your demat account online with the given details

The opening of the Demat Account for the NRIs is similar to the ones based in India, but before opening the Demat Account the NRIs should provide the following:

  • PAN Card of the NRI applicant
  • NRI Bank Account
  • Portfolio Investment Scheme letter of approval for the NRI issues directly by the Reserve Bank of India

The NRI Account Subtypes:

  • NRE Demat Account (Repartriable Demat Account):
    The purpose of NRE Demat is to buy/sell shares on repatriable basis and in the case of dividend & principal, both of them are repatriable.
  • NRO Demat Account (Non-Repartriable Demat Account):
    The purpose of NRO Demat is to buy/sell on non-repatriable basis and to hold securities which are bought as Indian resident before becoming NRI and in the case of dividend & principal; the principal is not repatriable, whereas the dividend is repatriable.

The NRI Vs Indian Resident Demat Account

Particulars NRI Demat Account Resident Demat Account
Demat Account Opening Fee Same Same
Demat Account Charges Same Same
Account Subtype NRE or NRO
(Repatriable or Non-Repatriable)
Linked With Bank Account NRE or NRO bank account based on the demat account subtype Resident Saving Bank Account
Linked With Bank Account NRI Trading Account Trading Account

What benefits one can avail from Alankit?

  • Minimum Brokerage Fee
  • Subscribe to IPOs Online
  • Buy & Sell Shares
  • Share Trading Tips via Mail & SMS
  • Invest in Mutual Funds Online
  • Online & Mobile Trading Facility

You can avail the benefits of the NRI Demat Account after one submits the desired documents:

  • Completely filled up account opening form that has been signed by all the account holders
  • Passport-sized photograph of the account holders with their signatures clearly written across their photos
  • Scanned copies of the PAN Card of all holders
  • Address proof of the overseas residence for all the holders
  • A cancelled cheque of the NRO/NRE bank account that is linked as specified on the form
  • The signature and photograph of the nominee for using the nomination facility of the Demat Account

Alankit enables the clients to trade effortlessly in the financial market of India such as, BSE, NSE, etc. Our team of experts assist the NRI investors to accomplish trade orders promptly, on the trading terminal and in equities, commodities, mutual funds and currency derivatives in the best possible manner. Now you are ready to open a Demat Account with utmost easiness and accuracy.

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