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A Marriage Certificate represents that two people are legally married. The legal evidence of marriage is issued by the government and it includes the name of couple, marriage venue, date & time of the marriage, name of the witnesses, and other details required the Marriage Certificate. Marriage Certificate Attestation in UAE means an act of witnessing a legal document issued in the name of a married couple. Individuals are authorized to furnish their original documents or documents of blood relations. All original documents necessitating attestation are required to be authenticated first by the designated authorities belonging to the Union/State Territory from where the document has been issued. Alankit has carved an exclusive name in the industry as a brand with a flawless service of providing Marriage Certificate Attestation in UAE. It provides an affordable and reliable certificate attestation process that assures a swift and secure service with round-the-clock assistance from a skillful team of professionals. The legalization of documents via an authentic system is an important operation and Alankit proficiently employs its substantial experience and a resourceful network in the field. It has provided services in the whole UAE with offices in Dubai & Sharjah.

Purpose of Attesting Marriage Certificate

Below-listed reasons could be the major purposes of obtaining an attested Marriage Certificate:

For adding the name of your spouse in the passport
Applying for children’s passport
Admitting your wife for delivery in the hospital
Adding the name of spouse for health insurance benefits
For bringing your spouse on residence visa to UAE
To purchase a joint property with your spouse
To file a divorce
The process of Marriage Certificate Attesting

The procedure of getting an attested Marriage Certificate varies from country to country. Here is an overview of the procedure involved for a majority of countries throughout the world:

Step 1: To get the process started, it is mandatory to obtain Notary Public Verification from the country of issuance
Step 2: It is essential to get the Marriage Certificate attested from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the home country
Step 3: The certificate should get verified and legalized by the Embassy of UAE
Step 4: The final step to proceed further is an attestation of Marriage Certificate from the Embassy of the country that one intends to use

The process of obtaining an attested Marriage Certificate validates that the documents are legalized. Generally speaking, the attestation process and time taken to obtain it may fluctuate based on the guidelines issued in every country.

Documents required in UAE Marriage Certificate Attestation

Documents required for the process of obtaining an Attested Marriage Certificate may vary from time to time. However, some of the important documents are listed below:

Original Marriage Certificate issued by an authorized party
Passport copy
Visa copy
2 passport sized photographs
Authorization letter

The applicants applying for the attested certificate must submit the above-listed documents as legal evidence necessary for the process.

Usual time period for obtaining Attestation

Most of the time, it requires 3-5 working days to get a Marriage Certificate attested. Two types of services for getting a Marriage Certificate attested are offered, Normal and VIP services. Applicants can choose either of the services as per their convenience. Also, time-span can differ due to various aspects, for instance, an applicant from which state in UAE has applied for the attested Marriage Certificate and which department is working on their case. The exact time taken for processing is usually intimidated to the applicants during the time of collecting documents.

Why should you have an attested Marriage Certificate in UAE?

The legalization of certificates/documents is essential in order to make it authentic and valued as a legal document. As per the law in UAE, it is illegal for a couple to live together if they are not legally married. Having an attested Marriage Certificate in UAE means legal proof for couples to stay together. The need for an attested Marriage Certificate arises in the following cases:

Change of Name on passport
Admission of kids at the school
To apply for Family Visa
Filing a Divorce
To apply for children’s passport
For adopting a child
To apply for insurance
What is the cost estimate?

Attestation of Marriage Certificate requires a fee from the applicants. The cost involved in getting a marriage certificate attested differs on different factors. These factors comprise the country of issuance, distance from UAE, the language used in the marriage certificate, the type of service applicants prefer to choose- normal attestation service or urgent. Also, the country that individual needs to use the certificate.

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Alankit has established a strong and steady ground in the UAE market, having worked successfully and built an able network of connections.
It strives to make things easy and convenient for ensuring the best possible client experience.
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