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How to Apply for PAN Card Online

Permanent Account Number or PAN is a ten-digit alphanumeric number issued by the Income Tax Department; it stores all the financial transactions of an individual. Every taxable individual is assigned a unique PAN number through which he is allowed to pay taxes and file Income Tax Returns. The introduction of PAN was originated by the Indian Government in the year 1972. When introduced, having a PAN Card was voluntary for individuals but with passing time, Section 139A of the Income Tax Act made it mandatory for taxpayers. At the earlier stages, PAN Card was issued to the taxable individuals by the Government but with an increase in a number of taxable individuals, it became problematic for the Government to keep a track manually. PAN Card is not merely an important tax factor but a necessary ID proof. Hence, the Income Tax Department of India has made a hassle-free and convenient way for the taxpayers to apply for PAN Card online.

How to Apply for a PAN Card Online – Step by Step

Alankit has made an easy provision for the individuals to immediately apply for a new PAN Card online. Alankit accepts PAN applications on behalf of NSDL. Listed below are the simple steps to apply for a new PAN Card with the help of services provided by Alankit: Step 1: Visit the official website of Alankit to download the PAN application form for free or you can also visit the PAN centers and (TIN-FCs) to obtain the form. Step 2: Fill the PAN application form and submit it at the center along attaching relevant documents as required in the form. We will submit your PAN application to the PAN department on your behalf. Step 3: Post receiving the PAN application form and relevant documents, we will send you the 15-digit acknowledgement number. Step 4: Your application will be processed & you will receive the PAN card within two weeks of the issuance of the PAN. Alankit makes it convenient and hassle-free for you by guiding you at every step of the online process for a new PAN application. It ensures timely delivery of the PAN card and covers remote corners across all regions.

Documents Required to Apply for a PAN Card Online

The applicants are required to submit a set of mandatory documents along with the PAN Application Form to the official website of Alankit: Documents of Proof of Identity (Copy of one of the following)

  • Voter’s photo ID Card
  • Ration card having applicant’s photograph
  • Passport
  • Arm’s license
  • Driving license
  • Photo ID Card issued by the Central Government/ State Government/ Public Sector Undertaking
  • Pensioner Card having applicant’s photograph
  • Central Government Health Scheme Card/ Ex-servicemen Contributory Heath Scheme photo card
  • Certificate of identity in original signed by a Member of Parliament / Municipal Councilor or a Gazetted Officer/ Member of Legislative Assembly
  • Original Bank certificate on letterhead from the branch (along with name and stamp of the issuing officer) containing duly attested photograph and applicant’s bank account number

Documents of Address proof (Copy of one of the following)

  • (Copy of the below listed documents not more than three months old)
    • Electricity bill
    • Water bill
    • Broadband connection bill/ landline telephone
    • Gas connection bill/card/book
  • bank account statement
  • credit card statement
  • copy of post office passbook having applicant’s address
  • voter ID card
  • driving license
  • depository account statement
  • passport
  • passport of the spouse
  • latest property tax assessment order
  • domicile certificate issued by the Government
  • Document of property registration
  • Adhaar Card allocated by the Unique Identification Authority of India
  • Allotment letter of accommodation issued by the Central Government / State Government (not more than three years old)
  • Address certificate signed by a Member of Parliament or Member of Legislative Assembly or Municipal Councilor or a Gazetted Officer
  • Certificate of the employer in original

Documents of Proof of Birthdate (Copy of one of the following)

  • passport
  • pension payment order
  • matriculation certificate
  • marriage certificate issued by Registrar of Marriages
  • driving license
  • affidavit sworn before a magistrate stating the born date
  • domicile certificate issued by the Government

How much does it cost to apply for a PAN card online

Obtaining a PAN Card was voluntary for taxpayers when PAN was introduced by the government however with a rising number of taxpayers, PAN became a mandatory document and a fee is charged for applying a PAN card application. For Indian citizens, the fee for a new PAN card is INR 116 (plus online payment charges or around INR
The fee is INR 1,020 for foreign citizens (with around INR 5 as online payment charges).

Points to Remember

PAN Card application is a simple and easy process but applicants should bear in mind the certain set of guidelines in order to avoid failure of allotment of PAN card: Details must remain the same as the one mentioned in the address proof and identity proof:

  • Appropriate details regarding the contact details and address must be provided.
  • Application Form or Form 49A to be filled in capital letters.
  • Overwriting and rectifications to be avoided in the application form.
  • Only the initials of the applicant in the first name and last name columns must not be mentioned.
  • Individuals applying for a fresh PAN card application if the applicant’s old PAN card is stolen or lost will not be supported.
  • Applicants using a thumb impression of the Notary/the Magistrate, the application form will be disqualified immediately.

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