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Enhancing Global Compliance with Efficient Attestation Services in Dubai

Post By : Category : Attestation Of Documents June 1, 2024

Document attestation is an essential step while planning for any international trip for various personal or professional purposes. Certificate attestation authenticates important documents including educational, non-educational, and commercial—that are needed abroad for purposes such as business, employment, higher education, or immigration.

Alankit Limited, a prominent name in the e-Governance sector, offers reliable and quick certificate attestation services. With over three decades of experience, the company delivers premium services, ensuring the safe handling of documents by competent professionals, thereby earning the trust of numerous customers.

Top-notch Document Attestation services for NRIs

Document attestation is required for various purposes. For services such as visas, document attestation becomes a mandatory process. Our comprehensive attestation services are designed to simplify the often complex and time-consuming process. We provide reliable attestation services for NRIs in the UAE, ensuring that the documents are authenticated and legalised by the relevant authorities seamlessly.

Attestation Services includes

  • Educational certificate attestation including diplomas, degrees, marksheets, passing certificates etc.
  • Personal document attestation including Marriage certificates, birth certificates, medical documents, transfer certificates, death or divorce certificates etc.
  • Commercial document attestation including AOA, MOA, Agency Contracts, Trade licences, incorporation certificates, etc.
  • Agreements including Power of attorney, special power of attorney

Reliable Document Attestation Services in the UAE

Alankit manages your requirement for attestation from important educational to non-educational documents and executes the process. Starting right from the submission of original documents to the collection and delivery of attested documents, all handled with the utmost care and confidentiality.

  • Secure handling of documents
  • Easy-to-follow procedures with timely assistance
  • continuous support from dedicated staff
  • Expert guidance and Resourceful network
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