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With Digital Signature Certificates in this millennium, growing technology is reshaping India’s future. The digital era has reduced risk and increased security, allowing organisations to work more effectively and efficiently.
DSC is of great importance in India because it can be used for online auctions, e-filing income tax returns (ITR), signing documents to PDF, and many other things. It is admissible in court and recognised by government agencies. It is required for those who need to audit their accounts for ITR filing and other purposes. Furthermore, DSC eliminates the need for manual signatures and offers paperless solutions, making it a completely eco-friendly process.

Purpose of DSC

Digital signatures are essential for confirming the authenticity of documents shared online. In case the document contains the signer’s digital signature, the recipient knows the document is authentic. In addition, the digital signature mechanism ensures that the document has not been altered and provides a high level of document authentication. Therefore, everyone can benefit from replacing slow paper-based workflows with secure digital signatures, from human resources to finance departments and legal teams to sales.

The DSC’s primary objectives are as follows:

  • Signer authentication
  • Message authentication
  • Non-repudiation
  • Integrity
  • Reduced Cost & Time

Types of Digital Signature Certificates


Sign certificates can only be used for document signing. This digital signing solution is capable of signing PDF files or documents for Income Tax Returns, GST returns submissions, MCA, and other web-based services. It verifies the authenticity of user identity and validates the bonafide nature of data.


This DSC certificate is acclimated to decode documents, files, or sensitive information. It enables businesses or enterprises to encode and upload documents to tender portals. This certificate can also be used to decipher and securely send data. Encrypt DSC is frequently used for e-commerce documents, e-tender filing documents, legal documents, and other confidential documents. Our Encrypt certificate is available for purchase as a standalone digital signing tool.

Sign & Encrypt

This digital signature certificate, Sign and Encrypt, can be used for both signing and encrypting processes. It is primarily used for the submission of government forms, documents, and applications. It is much better suited for users who need to authenticate and keep the data exchanged confidentially.

Class 3 Certificate

Individuals and organisations can obtain this certificate which can be used in high-risk environments. For example, a Class 3 Digital Signature Certificate is appropriate for environments where data threats and the consequences of security service failure are high, such as high-value transactions or high levels of fraud risk.
The verification requirements for the class 3 certificate are:

  • Aadhaar eKYC Biometric
  • Paper-based application form and supporting documents
  • Aadhaar eKYC OTP + Video Verification

Digital Signature Certificates for Foreign Trades

Export and Import Organisations (EXIM) can apply for licences online and electronically file supporting documents on the DGFT website.
Because a Digital Signature Certificate ensures the authenticity of the documents, the DGFT has mandated the use of Digital Signature Certificates with all electronic documents uploaded to the DGFT website. It means every EXIM Organisation needs to have a Digital Signature Certificate for transactions related to the DGFT website. DGFT then processes the documents for license issuance after validating the sender’s identity, the documents’ authenticity, and the DSC’s validity. Aside from convenience, online application submission on the DGFT website results in a 50% reduction in licences fee for EXIM Organisations. Organisations can prevent fraudulent practices such as identity theft by using a Digital Signature Certificate [DSC]. A DSC must accompany all documents filed by an organisation through Custom House Agents. If an organisation is filing documents through Custom House Agents, all documents filed must be accompanied by a DSC.
A Class 3 Digital Signature Certificate is required for any organisation seeking an Import or Export License that must be registered in the name of one authorised representative. Because the legal system recognises a Digital Signature Certificate, all documents submitted with one are treated the same as physically signed documents and are eligible for the benefits provided by the Indian Information Technology Act 2000.

Alankit: The Key to Your Digital Transformation

Alankit, a certifying authority [CA] for its sister company Verasys, with its years of expertise, helps you conveniently link your signature with service delivery applications, enabling you to sign a document for various authentication and approval purposes digitally.

  • Expertise Guidance
  • Selection of the Right DSC
  • End-to-End Customer Support
  • 24×7 Technical Support
  • Availing DSC in 30 minutes

How to Apply for DSC

  • Step 1: The primary step in obtaining a Digital Signature Certificate is to fill out the application form mentioning the User Type, Class of Certificate, etc.
  • Step 2: Applicants are required to submit the relevant documents, such as proof of identity, proof of address, residential address, etc., and make the payment for the application.
  • Step 3: After successfully verifying the documents, applicants can download the certificate using the credentials shared via email.

Documents Required

The documents required to apply for Digital Signature Certificate are as follows:

  • GST Certificate
  • Company Pan Card
  • Applicant Pan Card
  • Applicant Employee ID Card
  • Authorised Employee ID Card
  • Board Resolution in Company letterhead authorising the concerned director to get the digital signature certificate
  • List of Directors
  • Applicant Photograph in jpg form
  • Authority Letter from a director in case the applicant is not a director.
  • IEC Certificate

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