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We help in setting up and running the business effectively in the UAE.

Starting a business on the UAE’s mainland can be a dream come true for entrepreneurs all over the world. It is a business capital and one of the most desirable destinations for global investors.
Its favorable tax environment, strategic location, strong logistic network, easy availability of raw materials and labour, and so on makes Dubai a popular choice for local and international investor organisations.
Alankit provides high-end business setup services in Dubai and throughout the UAE. Thousands of companies, SMEs, and individuals have associated with our professional business setup consultants to register various types of businesses in free zones, offshore, and on the UAE mainland.
We are here to free you from the tiresome process of setting up your business, whether you are an emerging entrepreneur, an established business person, or someone just starting in the SME field.

Why Setup a Business in Dubai?

The attraction of foreign investment, strategic location, and business-friendly government policies, etc., has made Dubai the first choice of all business owners and foreign investors. This motivates business owners to establish a presence in Dubai, as well as entrepreneurs to invest.

  • Allowance of 100% repatriation of capital and profits
  • Cost-effective labour recruitment
  • No personal income taxes
  • Excellent physical infrastructure
  • Ease in Imports & Exports of Goods / Services
  • Flexibility in Decision Making
  • Opportunity to Manage Government Consignments
  • Diversification in Business

Why Choose Alankit for Business Setup?

Our team of business incorporation experts will be your first point of contact to ensure you get the best facility at the best price. Our consultants, who include experts from all major industries, will pay close attention to your business and ensure that it is built with the right setup activity, in the right jurisdiction, with the right structure, and at the best price.

Best Company Formation Specialist

Our Company Formation Specialists team ensures that you get the best setup for the best price. With experts across every major industry, our consultants will carefully understand your business, making sure that you are set up with the right activity, in the right jurisdiction, with the right structure, and at the best price.

Faster License Approvals

We expedite and simplify the business setup process for you, allowing you to start your business in less time. We know every trick in the book for expediting your business formation application and all of your paperwork formalities.

Deep Government Partnerships

We have developed strong relationships with the free zones, the Dubai Economy Department, and other government organisations over the last few decades. You will receive exclusive pricing and priority status for your application while associating with us.

Dedicated Relationship Managers

Your dedicated relationship manager will provide you with expert advisory on the next steps to take following the initial phase. From ensuring you are compliant with government requirements to renewing your license and visa, we will make sure that your company is watertight.

Quick Support

Our team of highly trained customer service representatives are standing by to assist you in answering any queries or problems that may arise, through email or phone.

End-to-End Solutions

With our suite of corporate services for every stage of your business, we make the entire process simple, from setup to scaling up. From opening a business bank account and registering for VAT to managing your accounting, insurance, compliance services, management requirements, and more, we offer a single solution for all of your company setup and corporate service needs.

Company Liquidation and Winding Up

In Dubai, company liquidation is the process by which an LLC company (branch of a company), a sole establishment, a free zone company, or an establishment ceases operations, and the assets and property of the organisation are distributed to the Company’s creditors and shareholders. The winding-up or dissolution of a business is another term for liquidation. Technically, dissolution is the final stage of the liquidation process.
There are certain compliances to be considered before closing your business in Dubai, such as company and business name cancellation, employee payments, cancellation of taxation registrations, and other related legal requirements. Winding-up a business is not always the best solution, but relax! we are here to assist you.

Types of Liquidation

Liquidation of an organisation may either be compulsory, alternatively known as a creditor’s liquidation or may be voluntary; referred to as shareholder’s liquidation, though some voluntary liquidations are controlled by the creditors.

Voluntary Liquidation

In voluntary liquidation, the shareholders of a company decide to wind up the company because they do not have enough money to pay their creditors. Priority is given to creditors in this type of liquidation.

Compulsory Liquidation

Compulsory liquidation is a type of company liquidation that is ordered by a court. The company’s assets are distributed to creditors and contributors based on the priority of claims.

Why Alankit for Business Winding-up?

The process of liquidating a business can be overwhelming, at Alankit, we focus on helping you throughout the process, making liquidation a seamless and hassle-free journey. Our team provides professional expertise to assist you in minimizing legal liabilities and potential financial losses during license cancellation in UAE. We work with the appropriate authorities and manage all of the processes involved to ensure a smooth and trouble-free liquidation process.
Each method has legal and financial implications, which we will guide you through in detail.
Our scope of service for business liquidation includes:

  • Business Liquidation Preparation
  • Owner’s Responsibilities
  • The Cost of Closing Down
  • Insolvency
  • Detailed Compliance Review

Alankit provides liquidation services for all UAE entities, including LLCs, free zone companies, and offshore companies, ranging from a full liquidation to assisting with a portion or portions of the process as per the client’s needs.

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